Mar 14

John Carroll Weekend 2015 – Los Angeles

Did you know that John Carroll Weekend is coming to Los Angeles in about a month, April 16-19? As a West Coast Hoya, this means that the best of Georgetown is coming to you. This is expected to be the largest gathering EVER of Georgetown alumni west of the Mississippi!

John Carroll Weekend will feature a variety of events, including formal receptions, lectures, tours, tastings, and more. Please note that there is not an overall registration fee for John Carroll Weekend, but rather you can register for each event on an a la carte basis for your convenience (some are free, some have a cost). Consider coming for the whole weekend, staying for a day, or even catching a single event.

With spring sale fares for flights between our area and Los Angeles, this is a perfect opportunity to experience the best of Southern California with Georgetown. There are several Beverly Hills hotels with which Georgetown has negotiated special rates for the weekend, including a hotel specifically for young alumni. Visit jcw.georgetown.edu and click “Hotel” on the top menu bar.

Events are starting to fill up and others are being added, so we invite you to check out the schedule and register at http://jcw.georgetown.edu so that you can become part of this special Georgetown tradition.

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